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Hypnosis is very simply a trance-like state, usually induced by a therapist by focusing a subject’s attention and which then heightens the subject’s receptiveness to suggestion. It is a relaxing, naturally occurring state of mind, which happens to us every day.

Hypnosis Teatment

What is hypnosis?

Contrary to popular belief, mainly because of what we see in stage hypnosis, subjects are neither asleep, not are they unconscious. The sensation is not unlike a pleasant daydream state, which exists between being fully asleep and fully awake, in which the subject feels more focused – athletes often describe it as being in ‘the zone’.

In hypnosis, the subject’s brainwave pattern changes subtly, with the alpha waves becoming more predominant - this is why it is also referred to as the ‘alpha state’. There are classic times of the day when this will happen quite naturally, such as when reading, driving a car or simply staring at a computer screen!

In my practice I use a process called ‘progressive relaxation with guided imagery’, which is a very gentle and effective way of helping my clients to relax at a pace which is both very pleasant and comfortable. And because the subject is very receptive under those conditions, carefully targeted suggestions are more readily accepted by the subconscious mind, which helps to change the way a person thinks, feel and behaves.

In essence, it’s a great way of eliminating bad habits and helping to let go of negative and self limiting emotions.

Therapeutic hypnosis

  • You are not asleep
  • You are not unconscious
  • You are fully aware of your surroundings
  • You are in complete control
  • Therapists do not control your mind
  • There are no drugs involved
  • You may feel heavy, light or tingly
  • You will remember everything about the session
  • You cannot get ‘stuck’ in hypnosis

And of course nearly everyone can be hypnotised, with the exception of those who cannot maintain a working attention span, such as very small children, those who are highly intoxicated or those who are presenting with symptoms of severe mental illness.

Probably the most common thing my clients say to me having opened their eyes after a hypnosis session is “any chance I could just stay here for another half hour – that was so relaxing!”

And whatever it is that you wish to consult with me about, there are often some great side effects – with most people reporting a reduction in both blood pressure and anxiety levels, and feeling more able to cope with everyday life and all the stresses that life tends to throw at us.

Oh and by the way - not only have I never used a swinging watch and chain to induce hypnosis, in over 21 years of Professional Practice, I have never seen anyone else use one either. That is the stuff of fantasy and the film industry. Sorry to disappoint you .....!

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    – Julie
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    – James
  • I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to get back on the right path. I have not felt this free for years! Now I can continue my journey through life with much more peace.
    – Gayle

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