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Carol beats smoking with the help from hypnosis

Carol now saves £3,120 per year by beating her 40 a day habit
Carol’s Story . . . 

Like many smokers, Carol began her smoking habit when she was a teenager. “It was the cool thing to do back in the ‘60s – out socialising with friends, wanting to look grown up and sophisticated. Classic peer pressure I suppose – just following the crowd and doing what my friends did”.

But like many smokers, Carol was unsure of how to go about stopping smoking. There is a bewildering array of products out there aimed at helping people to stop – how are smokers supposed to make an informed decision about what method to use?

The decision was easy . . .

For Carol, the decision was easy, because her sister has stopped successfully with EasyStop, so that was the method she chose.

“The timing was just right for me – my health was getting worse, my partner didn’t like me smoking and I had others around me, family and friends, pressurising me into stopping smoking as well”

“My only concern was how I was going to be able to cope without a cigarette. I mainly smoked at work and when out socialising, and to be honest I quite liked smoking, but how was I going to live my life without a cigarette in my hands? The mere thought of it was scary!”

Most smokers experience the same feelings as Carol when they decide to quit and those feelings are generally based around fear. Fear of failure, fear of not being able to cope, fear of there being something missing in one’s life.

But this is where the EasyStop Method is so powerful. Not only does it help break the physical addiction to nicotine and the other poisons contained in cigarettes, but it also helps you to cope on an everyday basis by banishing any fears once and for all.

“If I’d known it was that easy . . .”

“To be quite honest, I don’t know how the EasyStop Method worked for me – it just did! If I’d known it was that easy, I would have done it a lot sooner”.

“Although I had been ready to stop for some months, there was a little niggling part of me (about 20%) that didn’t really want me to stop. But the EasyStop Method dealt with that right away”

“Stopping smoking has been fantastic for me. I now feel free – free of cigarettes, free of not being in control and free of constantly having to find somewhere to light up. But not only that, everyone around me is so pleased for me that I have taken this positive step in my life”

Steve's smoking habit is gone thanks to hypnosis

Steve quits a 20 a day habit and feels great
Steve’s Story . . .

As a professional rugby player and Club Coach, Steve felt embarrassed that he was still a smoker. “Like other smokers”, said Steve, “I thought I had good reasons and justifications to smoke, but it had become increasingly difficult to motivate and lead my players with regard to lifestyle, good diet and fitness. In short, I was setting a bad example” 

For nearly 20 years, Steve had been smoking 15-20 cigarettes a day and had spent in the region of £20,000 on his habit. “Basically I’d had enough”, he said, “but smoking was so ingrained into my daily routine, that I couldn’t see a way out”.

“I’d had a few half-hearted attempts to stop, but they never worked, and before long, I was back on the dreaded weed once again. It was so disheartening!”

I found it very easy to stop . . .

And then in June, an ex-smoker friend of Steve’s recommended the EasyStop Method which he had used himself with great success. “I honestly thought I would again struggle to change my ways”, confessed Steve, “but I was really impressed with the ease in which the Method worked. Compared to past attempts, I found it very easy to stop this time, and what’s more, I know that I have stopped for good! 

“I have not craved for a cigarette at all since I finished the programme 6 months ago and I feel absolutely fantastic!

Steve summed up the EasyStop Method very simply. “To me stopping smoking had always seemed like ‘a mountain to climb’, but with EasyStop it was more like a gentle climb down.”

The Method involves following a simple 7 day behaviour modification programme which helps to break the physical and psychological aspects of smoking in a slow and controlled manner.

Steve admits that much of his motivation came from his 11 year old daughter, who says, “I am really proud of my dad for stopping smoking. I know smoking kills and people who smoke are stupid. My dad’s not stupid. And he smells better!"

"I would rate stopping smoking amongst my life’s greatest achievements and would recommend the EasyStop Method to anyone who really wants to stop smoking”.

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  • It’s been a week now and there have been times of real stress and I haven’t reached for a cigarette at all. Everyone around me say how proud they are of me, and to be honest I’m very proud of myself. I would pat myself on the back if I could.
    – Tina
  • As of this last week I have not smoked for 10 years now and hand on heart never will again - your process is amazing!
    – Julie
  • I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to get back on the right path. I have not felt this free for years! Now I can continue my journey through life with much more peace.
    – Gayle
  • I found Paul to be very courteous and extremely professional, and am very grateful for the services he offered and gave me.
    – Edward