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How I Work

Whatever change you are looking to make in your life, it is quite likely that you will have not had hypnotherapy before; and that’s probably why you are here, researching the subject and checking out the local practitioners, what they do, what they look like and generally getting a flavour of the type of help which is available to you.

Putting your mind at ease

So how are you supposed to choose a hypnotherapist or indeed why should you choose me? Obviously training, qualifications and experience are very important, but very often it’s the ability to gain rapport with a client which is vital in achieving success.

So the first thing I always do when a client contacts me for help is to invite them for a FREE initial consultation of around half an hour or so.

This achieves three things:

  • 1 It enables the client to explain to me exactly what it is that they want to change about their life.
  • 2 It gives me the opportunity to explain just how hypnotherapy works and how I would propose to set up a suitable therapy programme
  • 3 Perhaps more importantly it gives us a chance to check each other out and decide whether we would feel comfortable working with each other. Think of it as a mutual vetting procedure where there is no obligation to take things any further if we don’t wish to.
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What I do

  • Believe wholeheartedly in myself and my ability to help people
  • Offer one to one sessions in a calm and relaxed environment
  • Treat my clients as intelligent individuals on equal terms
  • Maintain strict confidentiality at all times

What I don't do

  • Offer immediate solutions or quick fixes
  • Make unreasonable promises or offer a cure
  • Profess to be an expert at dealing with every known issue
  • Use any therapeutic intervention that does not have robust, empirical evidence to support its efficacy
  • Discuss politics, religion or X-Factor!


For many years, hypnotherapy was regarded as rather intrusive, with people thinking that they might be brainwashed or cajoled into revealing their private past or indeed their innermost thoughts by aggressive regression techniques. Things are very different now.

As a therapist I only work with my clients in the here and now, and I never undertake regression or applications of hypnosis not based on scientific evidence. My remit is to assist my clients to achieve fast success to their problems using up to date techniques.

Obviously I cannot guarantee that you will have the same high level of success that most people experience with me but I can and do guarantee that I work very hard to help you achieve as much as you possibly can.

  • Just to let you know the speech went brilliantly, I was a little nervous beforehand, but once I was up in front of everybody I felt confident and happy to be speaking. Thanks again.
    – Ed
  • I must admit I was very anxious the night before and at the airport, but as soon as I was on the plane I was fine.
    We had to have an emergency landing in Atlanta on the journey back, due to a technical fault with the plane, but I didn't freak out at all, little bit
    nervous but that was it. Thanks for all your help!!
    – Joanne
  • Many thanks for all your help over the past few weeks. It certainly helped me to focus when it mattered most and got me the results I wanted.
    – Denise
  • I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to get back on the right path. I have not felt this free for years! Now I can continue my journey through life with much more peace.
    – Gayle

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